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Welcome to the gps library resource centre!



Aboriginal Education

Dare to Lead

Australian Council of Tesol Associations

Dust Echoes - Animated Indigenous Stories

Indij Readers- Document

How to play the Didgeridoo

Mastering Circular breathing

Didgeridoos Down Under

Dream,  Believe,  Achieve

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3


Useful resources

Aboriginal Art & Culture- Resources Kit

How the Birds got their colours?

What am I looking at?

Boomerang Sheet

Indigenous Symbols




S1- Bush Tucker

Unit of Work

Bush Garden

Foam Bark

Fringed Wattle

Macadamia Nut

Mat Rush

Midgen Berry

Native Ginger

Native Tamarind

Native Violet

Bush Foods in Aboriginal Art

Bush Foods for Kids

Bush Tucker ppt

Life Cycle of a Plant

Parts of a Plant book

Plants to Eat

Plants we eat book



S 2- Animals and Tracks

Animal Cards

Animals  PPT

Australian animal tracks

BK Indigenous Frog


Stage 1 Yr 1

S1- Daily Living History and Culture

Ab Games

Unit of Work

Flying the Flag

Families Book

Festivals Book

Johnny Cakes

Johnny Cakes activities

Let's learn about Bush Tucker

Message Stick Bush Tucker

Message Stick Fishing

Message Stick Games we play

Message Stick Hunting

Message Stick Tracking

Message Stick Weapons

My mob

The frog who wouldn't laugh

Tiddalick worksheet


S2- My Mob

Unit of Work

Families Book

My Mob

Aboriginal Flag colouring


Stage 1 Yr 2

S1- Storytelling History and Culture

Unit of Work

Stories Matter

The Frog who wouldn't laugh ppt

The Frog who wouldn't laugh activities

Tiddalick worksheet

Frog colouring

Frog Origami


S2-  My Place

Unit of Work

What is place?












Bundjalung Language Site


NAIDOC Activities

Dot painting Outlines

Children's Activity Kit

Symbols in Art


Rainbow Serpent Activities


PowerPoint             Story Cards

Colouring In            Display Banner

Book Review           Word Cards

Word search           Storyboard  

Story Sequence      Powerpoint



Tiddalick Activities

Colouring In

Display Banner

Book Review

Dot Painting

Differentiated Activity


Australian Indigenous Images Vol 1

Images by Aboriginal artists



Animals and Borders

Jason-Great to use with Social Stories





Stage 2 Yr 3

S1- Aboriginal Art

Unit of Work ppt

Unit of Work


S2- Terra Nullius

Unit of Work ppt

Unit of Work


Stage 2 Yr 4

S1- The Dreaming

Unit of Work

Yarning Circles

Symbols in Art


S2- Aboriginal Tools and Technology

Unit of Work ppt

Unit of Work

Activity Sheets

Boomerang facts sheet

Spears Facts sheet

Spear thrower facts sheet

Stone Hatchet facts sheet

Simplified Worksheet

Draw a picture


GPS Artefacts (housed in the library)

Information sheets 1      2       3

Artefact 1               Artefact 2

Artefact 3               Artefact 4

Artefact 5               Artefact 6

Artefact 7               Artefact 8

Artefact 9               Artefact 10

Artefact 11              Artefact 12

Artefact 13              Artefact 14

Artefact 15              Artefact 16

Artefact 17             


Stage 3 Yr 5

S1- Reconciliation

Unit of Work


S2- WebQuest

Unit of Work


Stage 3 Yr 6

S1- Aboriginal Role Models

Unit of Work ppt

Unit of Work

Activity Sheets


S2- Aboriginal Technology

Unit of Work

Nets, bags, baskets fact sheet

Fish Traps Aboriginal Technology








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