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Welcome to the gps library resource centre!




Rainforest Math
Multimedia Math



Sailing, sinking, soaring:

-Coastal and marine pollution
Local air pollution - Nova
-How stuff works - how a boat of steel floats
Make your own kite
20 Kids 20 Kites 20 Minutes

Out in space:

-Southern Sky Watch 2007 - A fantastic guide to what to look for in our skies
-Build a solar system
-Nasa - Welcome to the planets
-Nasa - Kids

-Earth Images


-Bureau of Meteorology
-BOM - Grafton Radar Loop
-BOM - How to read a weather map
-BOM - Worksheet 19.
-BOM - Cloud information and quiz
-Web Weather for Kids
-Weather Wiz Kids
-Water, Water Everywhere - The Water Cycle
 - The Water Cycle


-History of communications 

-How stuff works - Satellites
Communication History Timeline
-Cobb & Co - History
Australia Post
Aboriginal Rock Painting

-Braille Bug
Arthur - You've got Braille
Auslan Signbank
Telephony Museum 
History of communication 

-History of the cellular phone
History of computers -
Semaphore flag signalling system
Send secret codes 
-Connected Earth

On the move:

-Powerhouse Museum - Transport

-Powerhouse Museum - Locomotive

-How Stuff Works - Traffic Lights

-CSIRO - Transport systems

-Australian Rail Maps

-Time Trip Calculator - RTA

-Queensland Rail History




-MOC pages

-Traffic lights, bumper car and tour bus
-Windmill (Liz Hall)
-East Peckham PS & Montebelle PS

Science toys from trash
Wild Life Cameras
Greenpeace Campaign
EngQuest- Hands on problem solving

Clean Energy Council

Origin Energy





Mind Map templates



-The Eureka Stockade
-SBS - Gold!

-Gold Rush:

-A Nation's Heritage

-Gold Rush Timeline

-Eureka we have Gold- Film Clip


Eureka Stockade:


-Riot or Revolution- Film Clip

-Riot or Revolution Part 2- Film Clip



-Federation in Australia

-Australia's federation

-Reasons for and against

-For and Against

-The West and Federation- Film Clip

-Federation Timeline

-Celebrations- Photo

-Celebrations- Photo


Sir Henry Parkes:



-Father of Federation


-Australian Antarctic Division - Webcams
-Australian Antarctic Division - Home Page
-Australian Antarctic Division - Classroom Antarctica

-Discovering Antarctica - British Geographical Society et al
-Joint Australian Centre for --Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
-Inter-lace - Antarctica
-Home Page; - Pictures to Download; - 360 degree views

-National Geographic Critter Cam
-What's the time in Antarctica?

-Zoom School
-Dive and Discover


-Rainforest Action Network

-Rainforest Australia

-Welcome to the Wet Tropics
-Skwirk - Rainforest unit

-Pathfinder - Rainforest Page and Links


-Parliament in Focus
-Parliament of Australia

-Parliament of NSW

-World Parliaments
-Electoral Information

-Role Play Script

-Democracy Timeline


-CIA World Fact book
-Britannica Online
-Japan National Tourist Organisation
-Imperial Family Official Page
-DFAT - Japan Fact Sheet. PDF File
-Time for Kids
-Key aspects of Japan

-Mieko Nagano - Rice Growing Report
-Rice statistics Japan

-Rice statistics Australia -


-CIA World Fact book - Indonesia
-Sue Lacey's Bali Links

-Go Indonesia



Australian Dictionary of Biography

SKWIRK- Stage 3

Enchanted Learning


Writing and Drawing

Online Interactive story site
Creative Ideas
Author interviews and Games
Poetry for Kids

Reading song

Build your wild self

The Stroogle

The Stacks- Writing prompts, games and videos

Typing Skills



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