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Starting school is a milestone in a child's life and here at Grafton Public School we acknowledge that the first 12 months at "big school" is extremely important in a child's development. Our goal is to ensure that every child feels happy, safe and stimulated from their very first day.
Our first step in achieving this goal is to implement a successful transition program that allows the children to become familiar with the school environment and routines, and to also feel confident about coming to school.
From day one of Kindergarten, the students are involved in meaningful and enjoyable activities as children learn best when they are engaged and active. Our individualised Literacy and Numeracy Programs focus on hands on learning. Additional support by specialised teachers is provided in every Kindergarten classroom and other programs offered include technology programs and gross motor skills and fitness programs.
In a caring, nurturing and supportive school environment our Kindergarten students thrive!


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