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Staff of 2017


Staff joined in during the book character parade, as part of our Book Week


We, the staff of Grafton Public School believe that the fundamental purpose of education is to prepare children for life. To achieve this purpose, we provide a balanced and varied school curriculum that has been developed to meet the academic, personal, social and cultural needs of the student. In our teaching we strive to help each student to achieve to the best of his/her potential, to master basic skills and to improve individual performance.

We are committed to instilling respect for learning and an attitude that learning will be a life-long pursuit. We seek to progressively instil in students an acceptance of personal responsibility for themselves and their own learning. We are committed to providing a safe, attractive learning environment for all. We are committed to the development of attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate respect, tolerance and thoughtfulness.

Our guiding principle is the 4 Cs rule – care, courtesy, consideration, and co-operation.



Mr Will Randall

Deputy Principal ( Primary ):
Miss Michelle McDonagh


Assistant Principals ( Primary ):
Mr Brendan Taylor

Ms Michelle Black

Mrs Elycia Hoade 


Assistant Principals ( Infants ):
Miss Michelle McDonagh

Mrs Bianca Rhodes


Assistant Principal ( Special Education ):

Miss Michelle McDonagh


Class Teachers:


Mrs Brooke Penfold, Mrs Erin Gallagher, Mrs Rebecca Cole, Mrs Amie Stephenson

Year 1
Mrs Sandra McMahon, Mrs Amanda Sullivan, Mrs Nicole Woods/Mr David McMahon, Mrs Kelly Gator,


Class Teachers:


Year 2
Mrs Kelly McRae, Mr Brendan Taylor, Mrs Janet Philp, Mrs Briony Stevens/Miss Natasha Lentfer


Year 3
Miss Season Conklin, Mr Nick Campbell


Year 3/4 Enrichment Class

Mrs Gail Taylor


Year 4
Mrs Stephanie Harrigan, Ms Sue Buckley, Mr Sam Wicks


Year 4/5 Enrichment Class

Mr Stephen Lamb


Year 5
Miss Jane dowsett, Mr Chris Speirs


Year 5/6 Enrichment Class

Mrs Kate Robertson


Year 6
Mr Tim Keogh, Mr Tony Crozier, Mrs Kate Goodall


Special Education
Mrs Lindy Johnson, Mrs Maria Bruce, Ms Neeta Fardell, Mrs Maria Rae, Mrs Lindy Craik, Mrs Kait Holloway/Mrs Allira Robison


Mrs Tracy Avery


Band Director
Mr Tim Keogh


Band Manager

Mrs Leigh Robertson


Choir Directors

Mr Garrett Salter, Mrs Elycia Hoade


Dance Director

Mrs Tracy Avery, Mrs Kate Goodall


STL/RFF/RR Teachers
Mrs Tracey O’Donohue , Mrs Elycia Hoade, Mr Howard Avery, Mrs Michelle Black, Mrs Elaine Ware, Mrs Cathy McPhee, Mrs Jane Dougherty, Mrs Angela Rediger, Mrs Kimberley McPhillips, Mr Joe Armstrong, Mrs Sue Armstrong, Mrs Elisabeth Brown, Miss Kelly Nelson



Mrs Deb Scott, Mrs Trish Winters


School Counsellor
Terri Jackson


Instructional Leaders:

Mrs Kelly Fletcher, Mrs Bianca Rhodes



Administration Staff

School Administration Manager
Mrs Jo Hunting


SASS Officers
Mrs Sue Tozer, Mrs Karen Crispin, Mrs Christine Kelly, Mrs Selina O'Loughlin, Mrs Kim Blinman, Mrs Kim Parbery, Mrs Mandy Schroder


School Support Learning Officers
Mrs Christine Reardon, Mrs Rhonda Walters, Mrs Jenny Hall, Mrs Debbie Creed, Mrs Liz Weller, Ms Helen Creighton, Mrs Niki Martin, Ms Bernadette Rorke, Mrs Susie Hollett, Ms Susanne Gardiner, Ms Trisha Winters, Ms Debra Scott, Mr Nick Weller


IT Administration/Oddjobs

Mr Clem Craythorn


General Assistant

Mr Michael Tarrant

Cleaning Staff
Ms Wendy Bennett

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